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Chiropractic re-establishes normal joint motion after injury or prolonged stress-related tension. The resulting ease reminds you how free your body should feel.SacroOccipital Technique is the base technique of Dr. Fleming’s chiropractic work. Complex neurological patterns are evaluated to get at the underlying causes of imbalance. It includes cranial therapy which works effectively with conditions like headaches, temporal-mandibular syndrome, head injuries, and for those who need an especially gentle approach.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

i(TCM) is a comprehensive medical system that embraces an irrevocable connection between mind, body and spirit. Individualized herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments address specific conditions as they arise within distinctive constitutions.

An abundance of healing techniques may not be enough to promote health if an unbalanced life style has disrupted the equilibrium between these three components. TCM recommends specific, practical life style changes based on traditional principles.

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Acupuncture clears the nervous system “slate”, allows the brain to reassess abnormal patterns, and restores optimal function. It can introduce a tranquil state of mind that may change your idea of what health is. Acupuncture can be combined with the chiropractic or stands alone as a treatment.

See Frequently Asked Questions: How does acupuncture work? What is Acupuncture like?

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Chinese herbs

During 3000 years of development, Chinese herbal medicine has been constantly refined to increase efficacy and to minimize the kind of side effects that commonly occur with Western drugs. Most often herbal formulas and are tailored to the individual constitution and patterns of imbalance.

Some of the more general Chinese herbal formulas can also be surprisingly effective. Isatis 6 works so remarkably well for minor respiratory symptoms, such as scratchy throat and sniffles, that it hard to keep in stock during cold and flu season. Jade Screen is another highly effective formula used to enhance the immune system. A course of two bottles just prior to autumn and spring weather changes (September and March here in So Cal) is recommend to strengthen resistance to any bugs that might on the prowl. An acupuncture treatment at the change of seasons also helps the body to acclimate and strengthens the immune function.

Conditions that respond well to acupuncture and Chinese herbs and chiropractic:

nerve pain
menopausal hormone imbalances
irritable bowel syndrome
vertigo and dizziness
intervertebral disc injury
tobacco and other addiction
stress conditions
chronic pain
chronic fatigue
calcific tendonitis
bursitis and tendonitis
esophageal dysfunction
constipation/digestive sluggishness
high blood pressure

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Nutritional Evaluation

If you have a chronic degenerative condition, or are simply seeking to create optimal health in an aging body, you may benefit from a more in-depth evaluation. A complete nutritional work-up consists of blood tests, Bio Impedance Analysis**, diet diary, Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis, symptom surveys, and an array of other in-office procedures, including testing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Armed with information about internal chemistry, Dr. Fleming can create a nutritional program that is uniquely tailored to address your specific health concerns. She can also evaluate your current supplement regime and diet in light of that information and make recommendations. She will suggest dietary changes and explain how and why those changes will contribute to your well-being.

The Chinese perspective on nutrition offers some other interesting insights. During the long development of Chinese Medicine, foods have been regularly used as treatment for specific health conditions, much as herbs are used. Herbs, after all, are just foods found to have strong healing properties, and then prepared to enhance those properties. Specific foods are recommended for individual constitutions, seasonal use, to fortify the immune system, and to promote normal bodily functions.

Dr. Barbara Jo Fleming combines Western scientific research with traditional Chinese wisdom about food to address specific problems or dietary concerns you may have. She may also recommend nutritional supplements or herbs to provide additional nutrients that may be difficult to attain by diet alone.

She has done extensive post graduate studies in Western and Eastern Nutrition--hundreds of hours in cutting-edge and research-based nutrition seminars. She can offer you the most up-to-date strategies to create optimal health: from inflammation reduction, and menopausal and stress management, to grocery shopping suggestions.

See Frequently Asked Questions: What are the basics I need to know about nutrition?

**Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures the way electrical current moves through the tissues (conductance), and how well the cells hold electricity (capacitance). Computer analysis of the BIA information provides insight into the health of the cells, the tissues, and the individual. Other health indicators can be deduced, including fat-to-lean-mass ratio, levels of cellular hydration, and assessment of the overall resilience of the individual.

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Addiction Treatment

Dr. Fleming offers acupuncture treatments for smoking cessation, and incorporates herbs and Western supplements to facilitate that process. She worked for two and a half years in Malibu at The Canyon, an inpatient rehabilitation facility, where she offered acupuncture for drug and alcohol withdrawal, and for pain management.

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